Upgrading A Dell Optiplex 760 Into a Sick Gaming PC! $150 SFF Build!

What is going on guys?
So my parents had this Dell Optiplex chilling in their storage room and had no idea that it existed.
I opted to turn it into a sick gaming rig for my little brother.
It’s a Small Form Factor Dell Optiplex. SFF GPUs are incredibly expensive so I opted to mod the Case and pop a Standard 750ti in this puppy. The results are quit amazing for the price.
Here’s some links to parts if you want to do this yourself.
The cpu I got will work any of the LGA775 Core 2 duo optiplex computers including
optiplex 330, 360, 380, 755, 760, 780, 960, xe

CPU Intel Q9650

PCIe 16x Extender 25CM

8gb DDR2 Ram

Gtx 750 Ti
(buy it second hand, don’t get a chinese unbranded one. Those are total scams)

500gb SSD


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My T12 Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron Tips


99% Alcohol

Soft Bristle Tooth Brush

Tweasers, Exacto, Flush Cutters


Wire Strippers

Helping Hands

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