Upgrading a Dell Latitude E4300 Laptop SSD and RAM 2020

In this video i am upgrading a very old Dell Latitude E4300 laptop i will remove and replace the old mechanical hard disk drive from Hitachi 160GB 5400RPM with a 240GB Budget SSD and i will also replace the DDR3 2x2GB or 4GB Ram with a DDR 2x4GB or 8GB Ram.
I will clone the hdd to SSD via USB to Sata cable which you can get for a few dollars online and i used Macrium Reflect software.
The results were good but the sata 2 was limited to 300MB Read and Write speed instead of 500MB the SSD is capable of. even though it is a lot better than the 80MB Read and Write speed from the mechanical disk drive that it had.

The rest of the specs from the laptop are a 2.40Ghz intel core 2 duo P9400 CPU, a intel integrated graphics card and 13.3 inch led lcd screen with a resolution of 1280×800 and that battery was replaced not to long ago.
It’s a great laptop for work and surfing the internet.

Thanks for watching i wish you a great day.

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