Leg cramps while swimming. How to stop them and prevent them.

Getting cramps while swimming can feel awful, but the good news is that there are ways to prevent getting a cramp.

Mainly we swimmers get foot cramps or calf cramp. There are three main causes for this. The first fatigue or lack of fitness. when you are tired or out of shape it is more likely you will get cramps. The second is dehydration. If you are sweating electrolytes while you are in the pool and you don’t replenish your probabilities of getting a cramp go up. The third and last reason is improper warmup or the lack thereof.

Ok but what do you do if you get one? First go to the edge, a lane line or stand on the floor with your other foot if you can. Now stretch your ankle like this in dorsiflexion. Then, massage your calf or foot. Drink electrolytes if you have them at your disposal and continue with your swimming, starting slowly.

If you don’t want any more cramping while swimming remember to sleep well and get in shape, stay hydrated with electrolytes and warm up properly before entering the pool.

If you go to the pool and don’t know what to practice or you don’t have time to prepare your own workouts we have good news! We have an online swim team that is growing everyday. That is because everyday we have a new workout with three different levels of difficulty to choose from. I myself use them to swim three times a week. I just log in, download the PDF and take it with me to the pool. It’s extremely practical and cheaper than hiring a coach. The first 80 people to use the code “CRAMP” get a 40% discount off their first month.

So go to skillswimming.com/swimming-workouts/

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