Inside Dell Latitude D430 – How to disassembly guide/remove ram,hdd

A short video tutorial of how to disassembly a Dell Latitude D43O laptop.
This is the first disassembly for this model since purchase, meant to replace the thermal pads and dust fan cleaning and the first time when i’m disassemblying this kind of Dell 🙂
Also, to see where the ZIF hdd is placed( under the battery, under that metal plate) and how to remove it .
Being BGA, the CPU can not be replaced. The only revive operation for it, is the cleaning.
This model has 1gb DDR2 memory built in and one slot for DDR2 1 gb memory stick.
Maximum memory suported : 2gb
The hdd can be upgraded. It is 1, 8″zif .

I hope my video helped you.
Thanks for watching.

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