How to install Ram in Dell Optiplex 5060 Desktop (Easy)

This is a quick tutorial on how to install RAM in your Desktop Computer. I am using a Dell Optiplex 5060 but should be the same for almost all Desktops, make sure you take a look at your motherboard manual to find out if it takes DDR3 or DDR4 here’s some links below if you need to purchase or upgrade your RAM on your Desktop.

I recommend this RAM if you’re editing large spreadsheets or need a lot of apps open at once. At least 8GB. Obviously the faster speeds the better.


I recommend this RAM if you are a Gamer or edit videos at least 16GB:


If you don’t want to risk frying the RAM or Motherboard (which have never happened to me)
Here’s links to Anti Static Gear:

Thanks again!

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