Dell Precision T5500 Build Series: Part 1 – Overview

Follow along as we show you how to upgrade a Dell Precision T5500 to the ultimate budget gaming PC and video editing computer!

Upgraded Specs:
-Dual Xeon 5670 processors (2.93 GHz)
-EVGA GTX 1050ti 4GB GFX card
-Dual 128GB SDDs
-1.5 TB HDDs
-Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
-Bluray, Card Reader, Firewire, and RAID
-975W Power Supply

Our twelve part step-by-step build series will be released gradually this fall!

Dell Precision Specs:

Preview –
Part 2 (CPU) –
Part 3 (RAM) –
Part 4 (HDD) –
Part 5-

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  • Do you know about some compatible motherboard for the processors? Pls, I need an alternative.

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  • Hello Where can I get the Cd dell precision T5500 shown in the picture.

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  • can i install XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition, 8GB, DVI, HDMI, 3x DP, DDR5, 256-bit with power adapter cable ?

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  • I bought a T5500 in 2015 for 400 Eur with 2 x5670 with 32 GB dd3 ram, placed a 7970 video card for 80 Eur, placed a USB 3 PCIe controller(10eur), the motherboard has places for 5 SATA drives. I have 2 1TB SSD and 3 2TB Toshiba hard drives and 1 external 2tb USB 3.0 hard drive. I use this setup for 3D modeling and I still don't need to upgrade. Games run decent although the video card is the bottleneck, and although it is PCIe 2.0 the performance hit is negligible. I could buy an RX 580 now and still this machine will be decent for at least 4 years.
    Edit: and forgot to say that there are very few options still that can saturate the SATA 2 3gb/s speed link and a SATA 3 for me still is a overkill.

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  • Great video. I have Dell Precision Workstation T5500 too. Here is dual xeon X5670 with 72GB DDR3 ECC Samsung registered memory and GTX 780 Ti. Working perfect.

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  • Thx for the vids, I got a T5500 from work with the same specs as yours. I doubled the memory, added a 500g SSD as my primary drive and moved the included HD as my secondary and added the EVGA GTX 1050ti 4GB GFX card. Question How can you get Windows 10 to use all the 24 gigs of Ram out side of the 16 usable?

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