Dell Precision 690 Overview and Gaming Benchmark – Quado SLI

Dell Precision 690 Workstation. Dual Socket LGA771 based system. Currently home to a pair of Dual Core Netburst Xeon 5080 Processors clocked at 3.73Ghz each. These processors are essentially Pentium D Extreme 3.73 chips but lacking fully unlocked multipliers.

At some point I may try the LGA771 to 775 adapter to see if theses chips will run on 775 motherboards. If so, they would be a far cheaper alternative to the Pentium D Extreme 3.73 chips as these chips can be had for as little as $11 ( google xeon 5080 and choose shopping tab )

Both SLI and NON-SLI testsed in this video. I will have to figure out something to test multi-threading later on.

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