Dell Optiplex 780 upgrades and mods. Pt.1

I Purchased an old Dell Optiplex 780 complete with mouse keyboard, and monitor along with a Windows activation key on the Facebook market place for $40. I know this old computer may seem like junk but by maxing out the specs, adding some cool hardware, along with with some custom work this old computer can be a pretty fun SFF gaming PC and or theater PC. If you search heard enough on the second hand market you too can score some great deals and build a budget friendly complete gaming PC for under $150 Specs are below.

Intel Q9650 quard core at 3.0ghz ($20 on Ebay)
Asus GT 1030 video card ($30 on Ebay)
8gb DDR3 ($5 on Facebook market place)
Kingston 240gb SSD ($10 on Facebook market place)
PC with mouse, monitor, keyboard, and Windows key ($40 on Facebook market place)
$105 Dollar total for a budget friendly small form factor PC capable of some gaming and more.

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