Dell Inspiron 3521 – Disassembly and cleaning

In this introductory video, we will show how to disassemble laptop Dell Inspiron 3521.

Our team will show all necessary steps of disassembling, however don’t hesitate to ask us if you have some questions.

Be careful this may damage your laptop or other equipment! We are not responsible for any damage to your device!

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How to (replace, remove, disconnect, install, upgrade, clean, apply):
0:10 – replacement battery module
0:35 – replacement optical drive
0:51 – replacement main access panel
1:10 – replacement hard drive/ssd
1:35 – replacement keyboard
2:20 – replacement wi-fi
4:46 – disconnect USB
5:01 – disconnect screen
5:25 – replacement motherboard
6:12 – replacement fan and heatsink
6:57 – clean CPU/GPU and heatsink
8:19 – applying thermal grease/paste

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