Death Note – Monster

This is a video I made just as a sort of sum-up, verview of the Death Note movies. Not the anime/manga, the movies. I have seen both versions and read the manga, so please no arguments saying that this isn’t what went down in the anime/manga. I know. Unfortunately all I have is the movie. So, enjoy! Comments and feedbacka re appreciated.

Song: Monster (Remix)
Artist: Med and Dia
Movie: Death Note
Director: Shusuke Kaneko
Original Manga Artist: Tsugumi Ohba

**DISCLAIMER: None of the content is my own nor do I claim it to be. There is no association between the song artist and anime/manga aritst/director, this video is purely fan-made.

Tag: dead note, Death, Note, Movie, and, Monster, Remix, Med, Dia, Shusuke, Kaneko, Tsugumi, Ohba, tribute, Light, Yagami, Misa, Amane, Shiori

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