Corona Renderer 2 for 3ds Max, New Features

A quick overview of some of the new features in Corona Renderer 2 for 3ds Max. Read more and download now!

The video shows:

– Compatibility with Phoenix FD, FumeFX

– OpenVDB support with the Corona Volume Grid

– 3D volume materials

– Compatibility with VRayMtl and VRayLight (from V-Ray 3.60.04 and newer)

– New custom bokeh effects: Center Bias, Vignetting and Anisotropy

– Improved “Avoid Collision” mode in Corona Scatter for animations

– Improved sampling with Shadow Catcher in “For Compositing” mode

– Faster UHD Cache with IR

– 110 new materials in the Material Library, plus Real World Scale or Triplanar mapping used wherever possible

– Denoising now preserves bump map details

– The Corona Official Toolbar

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