Consolidate & Clean Multiple Excel Sheets in One Pivot Table

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Excel’s Power Query can easily solve a common problem in Excel: Consolidating information from multiple Excel worksheets into one Pivot Table. This also works if you’d like to append data from multiple sheets into a single Excel table.

In this video we’ll combine the data from multiple Excel sheets into a single Pivot table in the same workbook. And we’ll do it in a dynamic way so that when new sheets are added, we just need to press Refresh on our report. We will also apply Power Query’s convenient transformations to clean and prepare the data for our report (fill up empty cells in a table)

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Combine Data from Multiple Sheets in one PivotTable
01:48 Send data to Power Query
02:25 Send data from all sheets in one go
03:45 Apply Power Query’s Data Transformations
04:58 Create Excel Pivot Table on Appended Data
05:38 Exclude End-Report as Data Source in Power Query
07:46 Refresh Report with New Data

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