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C++ Tutorial for Beginners Ep#10 where we learn about the defining Macros/Macro Functions with the #define preprocessor directive in C++. Marcos can help user define various constants / functions that will be filled in by the preprocessor. They can help condense code into one-liners and allow the program to reuse already know function or values. C++ macros can be used with existing preprocessor directives.This C++ Tutorial is for Beginners is intended for learning the concepts of C++. Use Visual Studio Code or any text editor to follow along. Make sure to subscribe so you can follow the series.

When using preprocessor directives and C++ Macros you can define which portion of the code should be compiled. This is good for build/debug compilations. Where you might not want to include debug statements in the final build. A Macro with #ifdef / #ifndef could help you achieve this without having to write two separate files. Let’s explore Macros and some of their uses together in this #define Macros and Macro Functions episode of C++ Tutorial for Beginners.
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