Bundled Software (Official Dell Tech Support)

Dell and Microsoft are working together to deliver bundled software digitally. Microsoft Store apps can be installed directly to your newly purchased Dell laptop or Dell desktop. This allows you to choose what items you want to add just as you can customize your Dell PC when you make a purchase online.
If you have questions or need support, contact us through social media on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dell and Twitter at www.twitter.com/dellcares
You can also join in a chat on our Dell Community Forum at www.dell.com/community and click on Support Forums. To learn more about our Dell Community Forum check out
For additional guidance with your PC’s maintenance and troubleshooting visit 

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  • What Dell did with the customer in India.

    I want to aware peoples about Dell services in India. Which type of product and Service Provide dell India.

    No support from (Abhinav Sharma) Dell India Director team. Finally, Dell India cheated with the customer by providing faulty product and Services. When I requested to Abhinav Sharma for replacing the product. He said he don't have
    authority to replace the product, but senior executive told me this process take 45 Days for replacement.

    Read Story:-

    I purchased a Dell laptop worth Rs. 90,000 on 10th oct 2017. After 20 days I started facing display issue with the laptop. So, I visited Dell service center and they resolved display issue.
    But after some days of display issue, the laptop started to power off automatically while working. So, i contacted Dell customer support team and reported about the issue. And their engineer visited my place and told me that there was motherboard issue and it needs to be replaced.

    On the second visit, engineer opened the laptop but motherboard he carried with him was not of my laptop. While fixing the laptop, one of hardware (Heat sink) was damaged and it seemed like that engineer was not trained properly. what did I observe? one of its processor fan has stopped working and this problem was arrised only after the laptop was opened. The laptop was not fixed properly, one side of screen display panel touching the heat sink. There are lots of issues in the laptop like laptop power off automatically, heat sink damaged, one of the processor not working, scratches on the laptop while opening and refixing the laptop.

    Again, I contacted Dell customer support team, and requested them to replace my laptop because there were lots of issues in the laptop but, their escalation team(Technical) director Abhinav Sharma denied me for that. From the last 1 month, I am facing issues with the laptop but Dell customer support team was unable to resolve my issue.

    Video Issue – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn32ij_v8MA
    Dell Director Team Final email Link – https://goo.gl/2guALM
    Laptop after open by engineer showing No battery – https://goo.gl/QJyjKX
    Damage by Dell Engineer – https://goo.gl/REUzUf

    Finally, no help from Dell Director team and they mention in the email.

    If you have any grievance or feedback to share, please write to the Director Technical Support at [email protected]dell.com

    This email is waste and finally, my laptop is in dead condition. So beware of Dell India services.

    Abhinav Sharma
    Dell India Escalations Team

    Service Tag: CPH9J22
    Express Service Code: 27662040506

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  • good job bro ……

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  • Nice

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