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I will regularly upload gameplay videos from my new ASUS R510JX Laptop- i7 4720hq/8gb ram/2gb ddr3 gtx950m/1tb/win10.


1.I have started experiencing this issue since 2 weeks now.
2.The GPU works fine, the temperature won’t go above 90*C and its normal heating for a laptop GPU when gaming.
3.The CPU temperature is the issue. It gets overheated upto 99*C, which did not happened before.
4.I played games like GTA V because it is an CPU intensive game.. which means it needs more CPU power than GPU. Same goes for COD MWr.
5.I played other games which needs less CPU power and they worked fine.. no framerate drops.
6.The framerate was decreased faster in the video because my recording software was also using CPU power. Otherwise it takes 10-15 minutes.
7.The gameplay may seem laggy in this video even on 45-55 fps because this video was edited later with constant fps. Gameplay was not laggy as in the video..
8.Laptop components are specially made to withstand the heat. So no need to worry of the high temperatures. If still the temperature goes beyond 100*C the laptop will turn off itself without a warning. You can start it again after it cools down.
9.CAUSE- The thermal compund applied on the processor may have dried due to excessive continuous gaming for a long time.
10.Thermal compound can be bought online.. they are not much costly.


If this is happening to you too, then-
1.Apply a new layer of thermal compound on the processor. I would only recommend this to experts as this is a long and hard process. PLZ don’t try if you don’t know what you are doing. (I may make a video about this soon.)
2.Or you can buy a heavy duty cooling pad which are made for gaming.. Don’t go for the cheap ones.
3.Remove and clean the dust inside your laptop.
4.Use the laptop in cool room temperatures.
5.Subscribe to my channel. (pls)

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  • The problem with this pc is that it cant take the heat out fast enough so the heat get trapped innside pc and overheat. You can undervolt you can change cpu paste but NOTHINGS GONNA have much effect, i have the same pc. The ONLY thing to get temp down is to buy a VACUM cooler. I had the same problem and testet it all, nothing worked. So after 1 week of testing and reading on the internet about this pc i got tired and crazy, so i stuck the vacum cleaner that i use to clean the house, i stuck in next to the exhause fan and used duck tape to get vacun, and thats when you start to see change. The pc went from 90c to 50c while gaming, but i finaly got to see the problem, so i stopped testing it with the vacum cleaner, and i bought a vacum cooler and temp went down from 90 to 60-69 smood gaming, hope this info is worth something to someone 🙂 the pc its self is good.

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  • try to undervolt the CPU using intel extreme and re paste the thermal paste. i have i7 7700hq, gtx 950m 2gb ddr5 never reach more than 80 degres on full load

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  • i have a low gpu usage and sometimes go to 0% but my cpu everytime i play go to 100%
    anybody knows why?
    what i need to do or change?
    i have an msi laptop
    specs: gtx950M 16 gigas ram and i5 4200H

    sorry for bad english :((

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  • just go to power options -> advanced settings, go to max processor power management and change the value to 50% for plugged in ( obviously you will play game with charger plugged in ) apply it and notice the difference

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  • Did you played Escape from Tarkov on your laptop?

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  • I've got an Asus f550vx-dm103d which is the same as r510vx, x550vx, k550vx, a550vx, etc. Like 1 year ago, i saw 90 degress+ on CPU and GPU in games. I put some fans left to The laptop fan and i disable turbo boost and The temperatures dropped to 60-70 degrees. I taked off the fans and i got maximum 75 degrees without those fans, also after taking off The fans i undervolted CPU and got 70 degrees. Now i get 90 degrees even with undervolt and turbo boost disabled. Can i use vacuum to clean The fan or i have to disassemble The laptop until i reach The fan to clean it? Also i made a mistake saying that I still get 90 degrees. I am now stress testing and i get 74 degrees. I will also see in The game. În The game it won't reach higher than 80 degrees but it is still pretty high.

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  • Please help while playing rise of the tomb raider cpu temperature is going 98°c it's just been a month that I replaced thermal paste and I recently clean the laptop

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  • It s normal stay chill….a friend have 100°C at gpu and at cpu around 97 to 120°C or 105°C so it s normal

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  • You can do another thing, first open it up, change the thermal compound, and then undervolt it and limit it to 2.5-2.6-ish core clock, my temperatures never reach higher than 71-72 degrees.

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  • Well It been 2 Years and I have this laptop too… At the beginning it was working fine.. As soon as it passed through 1 yr it started to Overheat like a Room heater. I opened it up and finally found that there a lot of junk stuck under the fan.. I had to Disassemble the fan entirely from the heatsink pipe then i cleaned it.. Again after a month, it started to throttle.. I just cleaned it 2 days ago. But still it's refusing to go to factory clock speed at full load which is 2.60GHZ.. it throttles around 2.20-2.31GHZ under full load with cenebench.. There is absolutely nothing we can do, its the fault of Asus that they have created a Faulty design for this laptop to desperate the Heat. Finally 15 days ago i thought to run this Computer under the best performence , I opened the keyboard and placed the laptop on the ice chamber of the fridge. Attached keyboard ad mouse with another external monitor to check the performance.. After sitting for an hour to cool.. the laptops ideal temp was 23 Degrees and the maximumm under the load was upto 98degree and the clock speed was near 2.93GHZ with all four core at full load.. As this processor can do more better then that so here we can absolutely say that the Asus Fucked the Thermal Design of this laptop.. If they have done something that they did with ROG or G series laptops, it could have been bettr..

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  • I have same problem my asus R510JX Cpu and GPU up to 80° pleas any solution

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  • Two things to reduce temps on that CPU:
    1. Kryonaut thermal grizzly thermal paste

    optionally: cooling pad

    Undervolting drops temps about 15 to 20 degrees (!) while maintaining the same fps

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  • I have lenovo z51 I also have same issue playing high-end games keep drop from 45 to 8 or 6 fps
    When I notice my CPU was throttling due to temp of 99-100c degree so I can use this method of yours or something else suggest me low end games work fine As yours

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  • your cooler might be the problem. It may be not attached to processor so that is the rreason why temps get so high.

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  • I have Asus rog gl553vd (1050 4gb,i7) worth 95k when I play assinscreed blackflag on high my GPU temps go upto 80 degree and CPU 84-85 no FPS drop during this
    is it safe enough ???
    any good laptop cooler u recommend??

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  • bro i have the same laptop as you, at first i didnt know my laptop overheat until i monitor it. it looks like no matter what cooler you use, the laptop will still reach above 90c during intensive gaming. my recomemdation is to limit your cpu in power management

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  • hi i have same specs of asus laptop. i do have the same issue .asus service made a replacement of my motherboard and they saying they cleaned the dust n ol.but unfortunately my problem persist.!!(gaming cpu toches 98c)my drivers windows evrything are up to date .asus service center has no idea.what happened in your you having the problem now?

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  • The problem is cheap thermal paste that asus is using. Use good thermal paste like arctic mx 4. DON'T EVER USE SILVER 5. It is conductive and can fry your gpu or mobo even if slight of it is dropped on mobo surface.

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  • Hi! How are you? This video is great! Great job! If you want to collab and get more subs, you need to go check out! Anyways, hope your day is awesome!

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  • Can you make a video of thermal paste change for this pc ? i have a similar probleme but I do not know how to open the PC

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  • Using a cooling pad will increase the fps count??

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  • Hey its better you keep the lap on a higher level than normal it will surely decrease the heat, i to have the same laptop i so that and turn on a fan of something near the fan heat goes out quickly and it will be kept. While you turn your lap on don't go to games straightly leave it for 10 mins as its 4th gen processor even though its a i7 the performance willbe good but heating will be seen so do that.

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  • suggest me a good cooling pad for this lappy

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